Differences between Diet and Detox


I believe most of us has done the yo-yo diet or strictly protein diet or calories counting diet.  I did and got disappointing with the after diet-effect result.  I got down by a few KG but once i stop and back to my normal eating or even do control the calories intake, i tend to put on weight even more than i had before-diet-plan.  That really discouraging to go on with the program.

Then i came across this comparison of diet vs detox.  Imagine when we are on a diet, we eat and drink less and got few KG weight reduced.  But the toxic build up in our body remains resulting to be at a higher concentrations.  Detecting this, our body stored fats to protect us from the toxic that is why we have problem to lose weight.

Detox on the other hand, cleanse our body and help our organs to eliminate toxic more efficiently.  As we go along the detox program, fat burn effectively that we can lose weight and with lesser concentration of toxic in the body, we can enjoy these Detoxing benefit:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Bloating and constipation relief since our colon is healthier
  3. Energy boosted
  4. Curbed cravings instead our brain sensors caused us to crave nutritious food
  5. Better Skin – radiant, clean and flawless complexion
  6. Stress reduction
  7. Strengthened immune system
  8. Better sleep


Tired of dieting that did not produce result that you want?  Let’s detox the Shaklee way!

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