Why more people prefer Shaklee Nutriwhite cleanser


Other than producing supplement, home care product, Shaklee do have clean, natural and gentle ingredients to pamper your skin.

Among the hot-selling skin care product is the cleanser foam from the NutriWhite skin care range.

I have brand-hopping all the while looking for a kind that suit my skin type.  Mostly decision made are ads on the tv and magazine.  I don’t really care about the ingredients as long as it works and with the brand is well-known and it fit in my budget.  I would go from cleanser right through the scrub which covers almost everything i need to put on my face.

But when i start using NutriWhite, i never change brand because its affordable – worth the quality.  Furthermore i don’t have to worry about any side effect since NutriWhite is produce based on 3 years of collaborated research by the U.S and Japan scientist to develop this exclusive skin care system.  Having a patent pending exclusive formula known as N-16 which include 16 different plant extracts from 16 different countries with the ability to deliver a beautiful, radiant and youthful glow skin complexion.

I, myself have a great experience with it.


Who is it for?

Cleansing is the important part in skin care.  Therefor, its crucial to have a cleanser that suit our skin type.

Why is it different?


Its gentle formula leaves skin feeling refresh and clean.  It does not dry up your skin after each cleansing.


Made from natural ingredient without hazardous chemical that can affect our skin yet able to clean deep into our skin – ensuring a thorough cleanse, removing all dirt and grease.

  • Seaweed works to liquefy impurities and at the same time firm and exfoliate the skin
  • Green Algae works as a deep detoxifies and moisturizer
  • Strawberry begonia helps to brighten the skin and even out pigmentation leaving you feeling refreshed without being hard on your skin.

Fragrance free which means it’s suitable for sensitive or inflamed skin


Who doesn’t like foam? A small amout of cleanser creates lots of foam but it will not dry the skin.


Cleanse our skin thoroughly which also help our skin be prepared for the proper absorption of moisturizers that follows after that.

How do i use it?

Use twice daily – morning and night to ensure you skin looks and feels at its best.

Lets read what Madam Zura got to say about her Shaklee Deep Cleansing Foam.


Are you like me previously, tried everything that is affordable but still desperately need a product that work on your skin type?  I would recommend you to switch to Shaklee NutriWhite Deep Cleansing Foam as it provide maximum benefits without undesired results.  Surely you too would be experiencing the undeniable clean feeling.


If you decided to add Shaklee Nutriwhite basic set in your daily skin care regimen for a flawless skin, quickly Whatsapp: Simply Remedies, 019-459-0217 or email at info@simplyremedies.com.  You will be provided with the consultation for an effective effect just for our customer.



You can also proceed to purchase the Shaklee Nutriwhite Basic Set with debit card or credit card by clicking the link below.


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