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I remember well, during school time, i don’t wear any sun block or face cream during sports activities and those long stretch sports training hours under the hot sun. Yet i don’t have any pigmentation or sun burn problem.

But as time passes, skin loses tone and radiance, brown spots appear, hyper pigmentation occurs and fine lines and wrinkle begin to develop.

Why? Because of factors such as genetics, aging, sun exposure, location, poor diet and lifestyle contribute to these condition.  Yet, some condition we could not help but some factors are reversible and preventable.

A smart choice on skin care is important to help combat existing damage and help protect and prevent future damage.  Different people have different skin type making the same facial wash may not be suitable for everyone.

I choose Shaklee NutriWhite range and my favorite is the Cleanser – Gentle Deep Foaming Cleanser.

  • Seaweed in it works to liquefy impurities while at the same time firms and exfoliates the skin.
  • Green Algae that works as a deep detoxifies and moisturizer
  • Strawberry Begonia helps to brightens the skin and evens out pigmentation leaving you feeling refreshed without being hard on your skin

Oily Skin

People with oily skin are prone to pimples, acne and other skin problem because they have enlarged pores and excessive oil production.  Proper care is crucial especially cleansing step in order to get rid of the skin problem.  A suitable cleanser must be gentle on the skin and does not dry out the skin, able to remove dirt and impurities off the skin,

Gentle Deep Foaming Cleanser  able to clean deep into our skin – ensuring a thorough cleanse, removing all dirt and grease.  It help to reduces breakouts to a great extent since it contain active Vitamin C that help clearing of redness caused by skin inflammation.

Sensitive Skin

With a sensitive skin, selecting a facial cleanser is to be done with extra care since some contains potentially irritating ingredients. Cleanser that are soap and fragrance free without alcohol or menthol are usually good choices.

Gentle Deep Foaming Cleanser  are made of natural ingredient yet it able to cleanse our skin thoroughly.  Friends who are with sensitive skins tried it and they come back with positive feedback.

Pigmented Skin

Pigmentation are caused by overproduction of pigment melanin that creates an area of skin that is darker than surrounding skin.  A formula of a deep cleanser that is non-irritating and moisturizing is the best choice.

Gentle Deep Foaming Cleanser contains active Vitamin C which is very effective for reducing dark spots on the skin.  It act as a natural peeling agent that can shed dead skin cells and allow new cells to regenerate on our skin.  Its gentle formula leaves skin feeling refresh and clean without drying it up as scrubbing the dark sport tend to make it more resistant and prolongs their stay on the skin.




Every woman wants a glowing, flawless facial skin but not everyone are gifted with it naturally.  Do you have any bad experience with negative effect of using the wrong skincare?  In 7 years time period, Nor Farizan gone to many facial session with different types of skin care but it got worsen. Deep acne scars, pimples are still not improving but she did not give up too soon, let’s hear how she managed to improve her skin condition.

Why NutriWhite Gentle Deep Cleanser is so great?

I have been using NutriWhite Gentle Deep Cleanser for 2 years now and its my 2nd tube.  Its so economy yet effective since a tube can last for 6 months, some people it last for 9 months depending on individual usage.  Even my little ones who likes to imitate me uses it and i m ok with that knowing that the ingredient in it are natural and it will not have negative effect on his delicate skin.

What i like about  NutriWhite Gentle Deep Cleanser is a small amount of cleanser creates lots of foam but it will not dry the skin.  I don’t intend to change brand after using it for it has high quality ingredient combined with scientific research to create skin that is more radiant, healthier, younger looking, brighter and even-toned.


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