Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy At 28 Weeks


Just had my detail scan at GH yesterday.  I was nervous and very nervous, sweating since its warm at the passageway.    Looking at few others who are waiting for their turn, the nurse wheeled pregnant lady passing thru, the guard who keep on to and fro into the ward to check for visitors, doctor who do their routine checkup.

I was number 8 by counting the number of lady who was sited there.  Some takes longer times and some shorter time.  Some were asked to return back another appointment some were done, just for a one time checkup.

When my time comes, laying silently on the bed waiting for the specialist.  He still can humming with the Malay classic song played.  Scan through and i can see the baby images on the other screen.  He goes one by one from the brain, to the heart, lungs, spine, limb, leg..then i asked him if i can know the gender.  He asked your first born? I say boy.. then he say oh! you got a ……  (let it be a surprise) .. when i ask my husband to guess, he got it right.  Wonder if he too is praying for the same gender as i have prayed for.  I m so glad beyond words.. tears is just at the tip of my eye as the doctor does the scan because the baby meant so much to us.   After 4 years of waiting, we were blessed with a life growing inside of me.  Its not an accident but its a blessing.

The detail scan is similar to the scanning process done at the clinic just that the image is more clearer.  You can see the shape and the heart pumping.  I am so glad when in the end the doctor specify that everything is normal.  What we can see from the scanning, they are normal.

But praying for the baby is still going on.

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