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For a working mother, when the confinement period is almost over, another matter that they struggle with it the transition of breastfeeding to bottle.  This is to ensure the baby could adapt to bottle feed when they are under the nanny care.

I did not have a good experience with this, the nanny called and complain that the baby is not taking any milk from the bottle and its not a good news since you be stress out, breastmilk production drop and the baby is cranky and the nanny is complaining.

After asking numerous mummy for advice, here are some tips that we could apply to have the baby get to like the bottle.

Be patient
Baby are used to latching onto you, hear your heartbeat, feel the warm of your body and she would not even think that her food might come from another source.  So, be patient with the process.

Don’t force the same bottle nipple
Every breast is different, and she might not want the nipple as she is not used to the shape. What works for the first child might not work for the second child. So, try few different shapes, sizes and textures. You may be surprised.

Don’t hold the baby the same way you would while nursing
They might get confused when you place them in the same position as breastfeeding, try different position.

Its only the nursing method is different but pumping and feed them with your breastmilk is much better. Try to get a free hand type of breastpump, so you still can do other chores while pumping.transition-breastfeed-to-bottle-get-a-good-hands-free-pump-shaklee-miri

Try syringe or spoon to get a taste of milk into their mouth
Learning that their milk can come from another source is the target so that they are willing to take a bottle the next feeding.

Get some one else to bottle-feed
Whether its dad, grandmother or even friend to help feed the baby with bottle.

This is a sharing by a mother who is a nurse on shift working mode yet successful in breastfed her baby.

Enjoy your motherhood fully and i hope my sharing benefits you to get ready to go back to work feeling relax and not worry about your baby being hungry.   Lastly, if you need Shaklee product, keep in touch with me, and i will be helping you with your supplementing needs.

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