Breastfeeding is the best for your baby


The best choice of nourishment for baby and young children is still the breastmilk. Recommended that a mother to exclusive breastfeed her baby from birth until 6 months of age.

Breastfeeding is beneficial to both mother and baby because.
1. Breastmilk contains everything the baby needs to grow
That includes energy, protein, vitamin and mineral including precious antibodies to fight bacteria and viruses

2. It contains essential fatty acids
It has those ALA and LA fatty acids that play important roles to produce DHA and ARA that a baby need for mental and physical development.

3. Breastfeed children have better performance in intelligence assessment
They tend to have higher IQ scores in later childhood.

4. They are less likely to be overweight or obese adult
They tend to gain an ideal weight as they grow.  Formula contain magic potion that has sugar in it in different quantity that contribute to more health problem.  I am ok with my breastfeed son being thin, i m more concern on his health.  Even at age 5, candy and chips are not in his diet.  But we do allow him to enjoy ice-cream now and then.  And he loves McD’s sundae the most.

5. Breastfeed mother getting back in shape is much easier.
Breastfeeding helps to burn extra calories allowing mother to lose their pregnancy weight faster.  Its so true, i was 70kg at my last checkup a few days before delivery and after my confinement period, i was back to my weight before pregnancy.  Isn’t that great? And i plan to keep that weight to maintain a healthy BMI.

6. Breastfeed mother can enjoy some health advantages.
Lower risk of diabetes, breast and ovarian cancer, osteoporosis and postpartum depression.

I, myself enjoy my breastfeeding journey, apart from the special bonding with my baby, i could save money too from trying different brand of formula, sterilize feeding nipples and bottle that suits the baby.

This is a sharing by a mother who is a nurse on shift working mode yet successful in breastfed her baby.

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