Breastfeeding is a determination to health and development


Its 4am and time for me to nurse my baby.  She been tossing a while that signal its feeding time and that woke me up.  She look at me and make a sound before she latches on.

Looking back on all those restless night during her 1st month old and also the beginning of my role as a new mom, waking up every 2 hours to feed her and it does drain me up.  Sleep at those time are precious and luxury.  At that moment, i learn to treasure all those good night sleep without interrupted before and during pregnancy.

Some nights i would nod off while the feeding.  Sometimes when she sleeps through the night, i woke up in the morning feeling so refresh and happy but then feeling a bit sad as if she didn’t need me.  Sometime when she choking during feeding, she would look straight at me like saying something, its like a reminder that i should be focusing on her instead of being distracted checking social media or watching TV while nursing.

There were times when i feel that i have fed her all that i have and yet she still fussy until i start thinking of supplementing with formula that makes me feel inadequate but i was determined to at least fully breastfeed my baby up to 6 months as recommended.  But the journey was not that easy, with slow flow, stress at work – but i was able to fully breastfeed up to 2 years and 4 months, just because i was on Shaklee Breastfeeding Set which actually helps me go beyond the targeted 6 months.

Do you encounter the same problem as i did at any point of your breastfeeding journey?

Why not give Shaklee Breastfeeding Set a try. Keep in touch with me for more details about the set, and i will be grateful helping you with your supplementing needs.

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