Baby milestone at age 4 months


My baby now is in her 4th months and i can see she is making new movement.  Started from 5th December she is able to roll to tummy time position but need help to pull her hand towards the front instead of stuck under her tummy.  When she is one her side, she can roll back to her back.

Whatever object she can get hold of, it will be ended up in her mouth, and would be all wet with her sliva.  Even when she is being carried, she be sucking my shirt or hand (if facing front position).    When she got a hold of her burp cloth,  it She tend to rub her gums more often and dribbling a lot too. Guess its a sign of her first tooth is on its way.

Her eyes keep on studying her surrounding, more alert and her leg kicking excessively.  If she lie down on her bed, her leg would be pushing down until she can move a little by little.  She also responding with a big smile when her name being called.

She feed more now, more than 15oz a day.  Her weight at the last shot and checkup was at 5.5 kg and the pediatrician advice to keep feeding her.

She be asleep by 7pm and wakes at 11pm, play for a while with cooing and smiling and laughing then she be asleep.  Wakes at 2am and 4am sucking her finger.  She still refuse to direct latch so i have to express and feed with bottle.   Hope this will be over soon as i missed direct latch session with her, holding her and admiring her.

The other day my sister was playing and talking to her by making sounds, surprisingly she responded imitating the sound my sister was making.  Amazing!


I still continue to pray for her:
1. For the joy, peace and wisdom that is from God to fill her heart, mind and soul.
2. As we abide in Jesus, may she be the first not the last, the top not the bottom in everything she do (Deuteronomy 28:13).
3. For good health and protection from danger.
4. For the baby sitter to love and care for her as she does to her own children.
5. For us parent, to be fill with the wisdom from God so that we can be a parent the way God wants us to be.
6. For her future husband, to be someone who loves God and love her as he love himself.

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