6 things to do to maintain a healthy heart

Main factor of death in the world is heart attack. One in 4 Malaysian died of heart disease, yet many remain unaware of their heart condition.

Heart attack is caused by blood vessel disease in the heart. This disease also known as Coronary heart disease (CHD) or coronary artery disease (CAD) or angina.

The heart is a very important organ in our body, taking care of it should be made the priority.
1. Start from young age
2. Live a proper lifestyle that include routine exercise and eating well-balanced diet

Occurs when:
blood supply to part of the heart muscles is severely reduced or stopped

Caused by:
One of the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart muscles
got blocked by an obstruction such as blood clot that has formed on plaque
This prevent flow of blood, cuts off the oxygen supply to the heart and damages or kills the heart cells.

Tips to take care of our heart health.

1. Reduce intake of high fats, high cholesterol, sugar and oily food

Even our body need them but it doesn’t need them in large quantities. Cook at home is better as you can control the quantity of these in your food.

2. Reduce salt in food

Salt goes by many other name such as table salt, soya sauce, MSG, baking powder, antacides and etc.
Its essential for physiological function of cells but become dangerous when in excess quantity. Its been linked to increase in Blood Pressure. This hypertension leads to various organ and tissues especially to cardiovascular disease (stroke and heart disease)
WHO recommends an intake of < 200mg sodium per day or < 5g salt perday (equivalent to 1 tsp salt per day)

3. Practice an active lifestyle by exercising, jogging, walking, swimming and many more

4. Practice healthy diet, add fiber and oat, eat more vegetable, fruits

Add fiber that help promote normal bowel function
Enough fiber can lower your total blood cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol)

5. Drink enough water

Water is a critical component for good heart health
By keeping yourself hydrated, your heart will be able to pump your blood easily
Insufficient water led to dehydration that cause more problem that may lead to stroke.

6. Supplementing your diet

Our body use nutrient from the food we consume daily to function. But the problem is we are not able to eat the recommended serving of vegetables and fruits daily. That is the reason why supplementing is crucial.

The importance of healthy eating for a healthy heart awareness should be start from young age. We as parent should start cultivating a good eating habits among our children to encourage them to take positive steps in reducing their risk of heart disease.

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