5 tips for fast recovery after casearan

Delivering a baby is an meaningful experience for every mother.  Almost towards the due date, they surely can’t wait to meet, get a hold of and kiss her baby who has been growing inside her for the last 9 months.

However, the confinement period is challenging for a mother who had cesarean delivery.  More time are required to be fully recover compare to mother who deliver normal birth. I myself had two cesarean delivery for some reason.

Here are 5 tips that you can practice to speed up your recovery and more time bonding with the newborn baby.

1. Get enough rest
Cesarean is a major operation and your body needs time to heal. Usually mother will be warded at least 3 to 4 days and more if there is complication.
Do give at least 6 weeks for our body fully recover before doing routine housework.
Its not easy though since the newborn baby require attention, feeding and care but try to get some sleep whenever the baby is sleeping.

2. Pamper yourself throughout the confinement period
For the first 2 weeks, try not to go up and down the stairs. Be careful with every movement you make and do place things that you commonly use nearby so that you dont have to get up or move often.
Don’t carry heavy stuff other than the baby. If you have to sneeze or cough, hold the abdomen area to protect the cesarean site.
Wait until you are atleast 2 months before doing any routine housework as usual.

3. Be caution and know when to call the doctor
If there is any discomfort or bleeding or soreness or discharge at the incision for 6 weeks after the cesarean it could be normal but be caution of these sign as it could be telling you an infection is taking place:
– chest pain
– redness or swelling in the leg
– heavy vaginal bleeding
– bad smelling discharge from the vagina
– fever
– pain around the site
– redness or swelling from the incision site

4. Focus on healthy eating
Healthy eating is crucial after delivery as you need nutrient that helps your body to recover as well as for energy and strength. Drink plenty of fluid to avoid constipation.

5. Supplementing your diet
Its recommended to consume diet rich in zinc for faster wound recovering from the cesarean. We are fortunate as there are multivitamin and vitamin available.


If you have family member or friends that been through cesarean delivery, try not to compare your condition with them as every woman experience with cesarean are different. Just focus on healing right now and enjoy your confinement period and enjoy your newborn baby.

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