Tips to deal with fatigue, tiredness and lethargic.

Fatigue caused by busy at work daily is affecting concentration and quality of work that sometimes affect your home. A healthy diet is the best tip to deal with the problem naturally

fatigue, tiredness and lethargic problem can turn into a conic issue and high risk of falling ill. Its difficult if we are down with illness.

There are lots of effective ways to deal with fatigue, tiredness and lethargic, for example proper and healthier diet could help to boost up energy.

1. Check your body condition.
Are you too tired till you could not wake up from bed in the morning or too tired to do revision of your study?
It maybe caused by :
1. Lack of sleep. We should be getting quality sleep atleast 8 hours.
2. Mononucleosis – If you feel have neck pain and sore throat
3. Over stress
4. Malnutrition

2. Energy diet that help fight fatigue.
Here are 4 types of diet that you can adopt in your daily routine to refresh and regain strength and energy

1. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is knows as superfood as it helps digestive system. Its a low glycemic index food so it help to prevent blood sugar spike.
Oat contains magnesium, protein, fiber, iron and potassium and these nutrient are powerful food to boost energy. It a great source of Vitamin B1 (tiamin) which play roles in keeping energy levels up.

2. Yogurt
Greek yogurt makes a great instant snack to quell hunger pangs. High in protein, calcium and easy to digest and slow down the digestion so that we can have more sustained energy.
It contains probiotics which help to improve fatigue-related symptoms and help boost up immune system that helps keep you energized and healthy.

3. Spanich
Spanich is rich with iron, magnesium and calium which help prevent fatigue as well as prevent from anemia.

4. Nuts
Pumpkin seed, almond, walnut and hazel nut are rich in magnesium to fight muscles tiredness.

3. Nutrient deficiency
Main fatigue issue is related to deficiency of nutrient in our body. Try to solve this issue first.
A fatigue, tiredness and lethargic body is a way our body is telling us its deficiency of nutrient.

Supplementing your diet with vitamin and mineral is a good way to fill in the gaps that we could not gain from diet alone.
You can try the combination of these supplement to cope with fatigue as an effective alternative.

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