6 reason why crawling is important in baby milestone


I share today on the importance of crawling.  Not that we force them but motivate them to crawl as it plays a critical role in infant development in terms of physical and mental.

6 benefit why crawling is important for baby

1. Strengthen their neck, hands, hips, wrists, elbows and shoulders
When baby crawls, they have to constantly activate these part to support their body weight. These muscles are also used to sit, stand and pull themselves upright.

2. Coordination of hand, strength, muscles and finger
Cross crawl pattern where their right arm moves with left leg and vice verce actually build a strong foundation to walk, run and climb stairs.

3. Integration of sensory Information
Crawling allows baby to see a complete picture of her environment so she learn and discover spatial concepts like under, over, in and out.

4. Strengthen large and small muscle group
Not only their big muscles were strengthen but also their small muscle group such as hand especially the hand’s palmar arches and seperation of two sides of the hand.

5. Stimulate Left and right brain activity
As baby crawl, the movements require the left side of the brain to talk to the right side of the brain. The more baby crawl, the faster these interaction will interchange information. Repetitive movement also stimulate brain activity as to develop cognitive process such as concentration, memory and comprehension.

6. Influence the development of visual skills.
As baby crawl, they tend to look ahead to see where she wants to go and then look down on her hand. These movement actually good for the training of her eye muscles and improve her binocular vision which is necessary for future skills of reading and writting.

As a parent, we also play roles in our baby’s development. Imagine those baby who skip crawl are not so strong since they missed out the opportunity to develop the strength on the upper body muscles. And did you know, noncrawlers have messier handwritting compare to crawler since crawling their joint at the thumb expended and they have better motor skills.

That is how important crawling is and that is why we should encourage our babies to crawl. When we provide them the opportunity to move this way, we are actually giving them what they need to get the very best start to their lives.

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