Why i m still with Shaklee?


There were so many MLM out there but why Shaklee? I m still with Shaklee since 2014 until now because of these :

1. Most company make profit as their priority
In Shaklee, we strive for a safe, green and proven working quality of products not merely going after the profit.
Even those business leader, they seldom show off their wealth because that is not the main reason they are involved in this business.

2. Energetic down line
My down line are energetic and in high spirit and that inspire me to go on.

3. Shaklee effect
Its a relieve that i, myself is not free from depending on high blood pressure medication. That is my huge Shaklee effect for the health awareness i have learn from Shaklee talks, eating healthy diet and supplementing my diet with one goal, to be healthy again. Then my breastfeeding journey, instead of few months of baby life, we did it up to 2 years fully on breast milk before top up with formula. I want many more mothers out there to experience these, to be healthy for their child and to nurse their child beyond the recommended 6 months of baby life.

4. Happy customer
Those who i have consult, they are happy with the result after supplementing their diet. The reason why i m dare enough to share about Shaklee to others is because its works, safe and those who consume it for years, there are not side effect but they gain better health compare to those who did not take and on other brand. Landmark studies proven that, so whenever they consume it, there is a peace of mind knowing that, each vitamins you put in your mouth will result a better health not disaster.

With that, I m confident that Shaklee will not fade up and I’m impressed with Shaklee’s dedication to provide healthier life for everyone and better life for everyone. Are you Impressed as much as i do? Come join us and experience your own Shaklee effect.

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