Is it a Braxton Hicks or a labor contractions?


Sometimes in your pregnancy you can feel contractions in your abdomen which is known ask Braxton Hicks contraction or ‘false labour’. Its not a labor pain but your brain is sending message to your body to prepare for labor. What the body respond to it is by contracting the uterus muscle to help get ready for baby arrival.

Commonly start in third trimester of pregnancy

Here are 4 ways to identify if its a Braxton Hicks

1. Braxton pain will not increases and will go away when you change position or empty your bladder. Labor pain will increases in frequency
2. Braxton pain is irregular, no specific pattern and labor pain will have a pattern
3. Braxton pain is not as painful as real labor
4. Braxton pain starts as early ad the 2nd semester and become more often during third semester. Real labor contractions is after 37th weeks of pregnancy.

Braxton contraction is different for each mother. When you are in doubt, its always good to refer to a doctor.

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