Reasons why triple distillation fish oil is better for health


Including fishes as part of our well balance and healthy diet is important as they are excellent source of high quality protein along with essential amino acids such as omega-3 fatty acids.  Fishes are great choices as they contain less fat than pork, poultry or beef

Benefit of Omege-3 fatty acids
Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are found :
1.  To increase the body’s resistance to stroke, hypertension, breast cancer and depression.

2. To lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart attack in a person with heart disease and lesser chance to develope heart disease

3.  To prevent macular degeneration, a common form of blindness.

The importance of DHA
DHA (docosahexaenolc acid) is extremely important for unborn baby’s brain and eye development as the highest concentration of DHA are in the brain, retina of the eye and nervous system.
1. Mother-to-be who consumed abundant oily fish during pregnancy, researchers discovered that their children tend to have better visual development.

2. Expectant mother are encourage to eat more oily fish especially during their second trimester as their developing baby brain begin to accumulate DHA.

3. Breastfeed baby whose mother had high level of DHA in their diet tend to have faster-than-normal eyesight development.

4. Risk of preterm pregnancy is also reduced as these mother-to-be consume diet rich in DHA.

However, according to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 2004 advisory, almost all fish contain traces of mercury.  Scary huh!

What are mercury in fishes
Naturally, mercury exist in the environement and can be released into the air through industrial pollution. They falls from the air into out streams and oceans. Once in the water, its converted to Methylmercury and indirectly consumed by the fish as they feed along the river and sea beds lead to higher concentration in the food chain. That is why larger fish with longer life-spans have higher level of Methylmercury.

Risk of mercury contamination
Methylmercury damages nerve tissue. It affect our brain especially the section that control complex movements and maintaining balance.

When we eat fish that are high in Methylmercury, they tend to accumulate in our blood stream. Worse if we regularly consume fishes like shark, swordfish, king mackeral and tilefish which are know highly in Methylmercury
Our body can remove Methylmercury but it takes over a year for the level to drop significantly.

So nutritious but so restricted. But with Shaklee Omega Guard that went through 3 distillation process enable us to enjoy Omega-3 fatty acids as frequently as we liked.

Molecular distillation is used to purify fish oil by removing harmful sea contaminants but a single molecular distillation is unable to remove all contaminants and heavy mental. Awareness of that bring Shaklee to use a triple molecular distillation where the molecular distillation repeated 3 times to ensure a pure, highly concentrated fish oil is safe to be consumed.

How do i get this Omega Guard to add in my daily diet?

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