The super power of CoQ-Trol Plus that you need to know


After 2 years CoQ was not available in Malaysia, it now make a come back as CoQ-Trol Plus with new formula. Combination of ingredient of 100mg of Coenzyme Q10, Resveratrol and Tokofenol for positive effect.

5 fact that we need to know about CoQ-Trol Plus
1. Higher concentration of 100mg CoQ10
2. Combination of 2mg Resveratrol for inflamation
3. Combination of 3mg Tokofenol as an antioxidant source
4. For higher absorption system with olive oil
5. Gluten free

When you put one capsule of CoQ-Trol Plus in your mouth, you gain these 5 health benefit:
1. Energy all day long
Our heart uses the most energy to pump blood throughout our body. CoQ10 incrases the production of energy in mitokondria (power house of our cells), With that, our heart have energy to perform its work.

Heart diseases is the number one killer in Malaysia.  Healthy lifestyle changes include losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, avoiding alcohol and salt, quitting smoking and avoiding stress are the steps we need to make to lower blood pressure with non-drug approaches.

CoQ10 has lots of benefit to our heart health, such as:

  • Strengthen heart muscles
  • Better blood circulation
  • Reduces risk of heart disease
  • Improve energy level for those taking Statin (cholesterol lowering medication)

2. Improves reproductive health
CoQ10 act as an antioxidant to protect sperm from being damaged by free radical and increase the quantity of sperm.

The higher CoQ10 in man mitochondria, the faster the sperm swim. CoQ10 provide health benefit for fertility:

  • Increase Sperm movement
  • Incrase sperm quantity
  • Increase quantity of ovum
  • Better chance of conception

3. Radiant Skin
CoQ10 exist more in the lipid area then the epidermis. CoQ10 act to protect skin from UV and provide energy to repair and produce new cells. Benefit of CoQ10 to the skin:

  • More elastic and less wrinkles
  • Smooth skin
  • Retain the elastic of skin
  • Healthier and radiant skin

4. Increase focus
CoQ10 act as an neuroprotective antioxidant to reduce amyloid plaque.  This plaque in brain cells is the main cause of Alzheimer disease.  That makes Coq10 is important to provides fuel for healthy brain function as it support in focus and brain cell functions.  To prevent brain cell to suffer from the consicuences of amyloid plaque, we are to replenish CoQ10 in our body as the production tend to decline with age.

CoQ10 increases mental sharpness

  • Improves focus and alertness
  • Reduce risk of age-related diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson
  • Increase memory function
  • Improves learning ability

Why do we need CoQ10?
1. CoQ10 level declines as we age
Through our body can produce CoQ10, the ability starts to decline around the age of 20 and enters a tailspin at the age of 40 and so on until age 80.

2. Our daily food intake does not provide sufficient CoQ10

For optimum bodily functions, it is recommended to consume 100mg CoQ10 daily.  If from diet alone, we have to consume these much of canola oil, Peanut butter, red meat and broccoli to gain 100mg of CoQ10.  That is surely impossible, even a cup of boiled broccoli also is hardly achievable what more to say 100 cups a day.  Another option is to go for CoQ-Trol Plus from Shaklee to fill in the nutrition gaps that we can’t get from diet alone.

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