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Does CoQ10 sounds something like what we learn in our biology class in form 5?  Actually its an enzyme that exist in every cells in our body.  Even we hardly heard about compare to vitamin like Vitamin C, actually CoQ10 has great benefit to those who always feels tired, fatigue and sleepy.  Heart beat that seems to be normal, CoQ10 is crucial as the heart has lesser energy to pump blood throughout the body.

What is CoQ10?
1. CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 is a fat soluble nutrient that exist in every cells.
2. A natural antioxidant to fight free radical from further damaging our cells.
3. Responsible to generate energy in every cells

CoQ10 found in the mitochondria ( the cell’s energy powerhouse) and it act like a spark plug to turn fats and sugar from food into usable energy throughout the day.

Why do we need CoQ10?
Our body can produce CoQ10 naturally but then, the ability starts to decline around the age of 20 and enters a tailspin at the age of 40 and so on until age 80. In the chart below, at the age of 40, CoQ10 concentration in our heart decline until 68.2%. Imagine if our heart getting weaker, will it be functioning by the age of 80?

That’s the reason why we are to replenish our CoQ10 with food rich in CoQ10. However, we could not depend on our diet alone to gain sufficienct C0Q10 required by our body.
Futhermore, those who are taking statin – cholesterol lowering medication, they need CoQ10 the most as statin tend to deplete  CoQ10 level in the body resulting to get tired easily, sleepy and fatigue. Its crucial to consume CoQ10 more to be able to do daily activities.

Our Daily Food Intake Does Not Provide Sufficient CoQ10

For body to function at its optimum, 100mg CoQ10 is recommended and to gain 100mg from diet, we were to consume 3.3kg peanut, 100 tablespoons of canola oil, 3 kg red meat and 100 cups boiled broccoli.  I don’t think we can consume these much in a day and that is the reason why we need supplement.

Introducing Shaklee CoQ-Trol Plus

A proprietary blend of 100mg Coenzyme Q10 Resveratrol and Tocopherol to give the good result and benefits of the CoQ10 function.

One capsule of CoQ-Trol Plus contains:

  • 100mg Coenzyme Q10 – High concentration that is needed for a day
  • 2mg Resveratrol – act as an anti-inflammation
  • 5mg Tocopherol – a potent antioxidant, protecting cells from free radical damage
  • Olive oil – a patented absorption system since it provide fat (OcQ10 is a fat soluble) for better abortion
  • Gluten Free

Who might benefit from taking CoQ-Trol Plus?

  • Healthy adult 18 and older who are concerned about their heart function and artery health
  • People who are taking statin – cholesterol lowering medication
  • People who are want to have a healthy reproductive system as they planning for a family
  • People who want to keep their brain cells healthy and boost memory, focus and clarity.
  • Those who want a radiant and younger-looking skin
  • Those who need to stay energize, vitality and confidence.

When i, myself get to know about the health benefit of CoQ10, i feel its something crucial in our daily life. Don’t you feel so too?

If you decided to add Shaklee Coq-Trol Plus  in your daily diet to make up with what is missing to keep us healthy, you can get them by 2 method:

Interested to grab Coq-Trol Plus?

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