Breastfeeding when your period returns

I definitely thought that breastfeeding is going to keep my period away but to my surprise mine came on the 4th month after my daughter was born.  And actually i dont missed it one bit yet i hope that it could have extended as long as possible.  However, the time of return of our period is different for every woman, its our hormones prolactin that cause us to make milk also stops us from ovulating as well as having period.

What are the difference in breastfeeding when you have your period?

  • Nipple tenderness during menstruation
  • Milk supply drop a few days prior period and few days during period
  • Baby want to feed less, there might be a slight change in taste of our breastmilk during this time.

Do you experiance a drop in milk supply when you have your period?

Here are steps on how to compensate the temporary drop in milk supply when our period returns.

1. Let baby nurse as often they want to

Breastmilk production is based on supply and demand.  The more baby feeding, the more our body produces milk.  When they wake up in the middle of the night, breastfeed her as sleepy baby tend to be more patient with a decreased in milk flow and it also help stimulate milk supply.

2. Take a combination of magnesium and calcium supplement

Before our period starts, blood calcium levels drop resulting to our milk supply to drop.  To minimize that drop, you can consume calcium and magnesium supply since keeping the calcium levels high, it will keep milk production high.

You can start taking the supplement from beginning of ovulation until 2nd or 3rd day of period.  And remember to get a supplement that have both combination of calcium and magnesium as magnesium helps the efficient absorption of calcium.   However, its great to take the supplement throughout the breastfeeding journey since it does help replenish mother’s calcium to avoid osteoporosis later in life.

3. Increase intake food rich in iron or supplement your diet with iron

4. Add milk booster herbs (galactagogoues) to your diet

A milk booster herbs such as alfalfa or fenugreek is known to help increase milk supply for centuries.

5. Pump longer

I add in few pumping session in between of my normal routine.  However, it will takes a few days before you can see an increase in supply so its worth to pump more frequent.

As in my case, my baby refuse to direct latch making me an exclusive pumping mother.  Yes, babies being fed only using bottle is a reason that my period return shortly after birth.   I was not expecting it to affect me so much but really, i was caught so off guard! and i m really worried but that did not stop me from pumping.  I really hope that when my hormones return to their normal levels, my breast milk supply increases again.

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