Travelling to find yourself

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Agustine of Hippo

Thinking of this trip to Ho Chi Ming years ago, it was a new experience for me – interesting culture, beautiful sights, yummy food and hear strange words…its a sweet memory and a meaningful trip. We went there for a wedding so we had the chance to travel from the city to the outskirt area.

Along the journey, we passed by tons of rivers so tones of bridges. The road are always busy with heavy traffic. In the city, crossing a road is something that you need courage to just walk across as they don’t really use the traffic light.

Their houses are in similar width maybe different length and height. Some part, there will be small river right behind the house and its also a mean of transportation. Fun juga cruise like that, but when part of the rivers filled with trash then geli lah juga.

interesting part is almost everywhere when there is an eating spot, under the tree you can spot hammock. Its like, after they had meal break, they can rest on the hammock. Best juga that idea, at least after working hard, resting would be but not sure if they have to pay to rest on one.

I love their food especially beef noodle served with lots of herbs and vegetables. And not forgetting their so distinctive and delicious iced coffee.

Looking forward for another trip there and explore more of its interesting places. So lets plan for 2018 trip so that we are not only reading 1 page of the book/world.
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