Turning point of my life

High blood pressure history in in our family which started with my mother. Yea lah dulu tak da awareness, makan margarine letak dengan nasi panas paling sedap. Dulu rebus kelapa sawit and makan, sedap juga. But then, things change when my mum attacked by stroke. We were glad she survive and healed, but 2nd stroke took her life.

Not long after that i was dignosed with high blood pressure(BP) too. I was so worried until i have endless nightmares and so really worried till i had many sleepless night. Images of how mum with that stroke effect keep flashing in my mind. Instead of just being worried and fear of that high BP condition, i start to force myself for a lifestyle changes – manage stress, live an active lifestyle, be selective on the food intake. I also supplementing my diet with vitamins and mineral that helps control blood pressure especially the botanical drink from Shaklee – The Vivix.

Pregnancy with high blood pressure is even scarier. Each checkup session, the nurse will discuss on symptoms related to high blood pressure and mentioned “if you feel these symptoms, go straight to the hospital”. So, kena berjaga jaga sentiasa gitu.

To cut a long story short, I ended up FREE from high blood medication but i still monitor my BP and continue living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to what Shaklee created that help control the blood pressure that i m able to enjoy life once more without fear.

Are you living in fear because of your health? Take courage to make a change in your lifestyle. Small steps a day is better than nothing at all.

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