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During pregnancy, there are a lot of baby things in my list and one of it is research about the best formula milk. But then through my reading, i got to know more info about breastfeeding and what really amazed me is the health benefit especially on the immune system part, the bonding between mother and child that create in the process and many more.

So i was determined and my firstborn was fully on breast milk up to age 2 years and 4 months. Tipu la juga if i say there are no problem along my breastfeeding journey. Surely there were, but its not a big deal to make me quit. I was with low supply when i got back to work and i really thank Shaklee for having something instore to help me gain nutrient i need to be able to produce sufficient milk for my baby.

Kurus but healthy is better than bum bum but frequently sick, Not drinking as much as 9oz per feeding but growth chart is normal is better than having decay teeth and obese baby. That is my concern lah juga.

If you are into breastfeeding with doubt and issue, i will be happy to help you since i have been there. Eventho our journey is different yet, we can be breastfeeding peer, to encourage each other and share tips. Knowing that when you are alone in this journey, you might be just get upset and quit.

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