Enlarge My Territory to Grow Beyond My Current Status

In every business, sales is what its all about. No one would do a business that does not generate income.

Previously, a physical shop is where we go to get our daily needs but now, online shopping is so famous. My shop is online and open 24/7 365 days and there is no restriction on location. Thanks to the technology!

My family and i have been using Shaklee product and experiance the positive health effect which we shared to people around us. Introducing the product, share the benefit on how it could be a remedy to them is what we post in our blog, facebook, instagram, tweeter and many more.
Those who are interested can get intouch with us through whatsapp, email, sms and other medium.

After sales service is also one of the top priority to us. Knowing that even if you have a great product but a bad service, your customer will not go back to you.
Our customer who registered as a shaklee member, we do guide them with business tips and information to enable them to start their own business with shaklee.
That is how it work, be your own boss, work at your own pace and be reward based on your effort. The best part is the income is infinity, elsewhere can you get such income?

Jom la, join us and start your adventure in Shaklee.

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