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Health awareness is the reason people are into Shaklee. During a checkup, her blood pressure was slightly at the border line. She made a great choice by changing her lifestyle. Took effort to exercise after work, manage stress at work and healthy home cooked meal with less salt, oily and fats food.

Also, include supplement into her daily diet as she knew how they are helpful. Yes, supplementing is necessary as it help our body to gain nutrient it need as we cant get all of it from food alone.

I m so inspired by her and glad she is my downline. We remind each other or more like encourage each other to continue with what we are doing to our lifestyle. I was once on medication for high blood pressure but what i learn from Shaklee health talks does help me and i m FREE from depending whole life on medication. Thats what i been sharing to her too and i hope more friends out there who wants a change for a better health, feel free to keep in touch. I m more than happy to help.

I hope this sharing benefits you.

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