Motivating yourself with rewards


After a successful and fruitful labor, its time to give ourselves a pat on the back and a rewards that tend to motivate us to put more effort on our work so it be double and triple and more outcome in the future.

How do you usually reward yourself? For me it be a skin care product and of course it be from Shaklee skin care range. Why Shaklee? There are a lot of brand in the market but i m not sure if they have unique ways to improve our skin by adding vitamins in it. For sure most claim they are made from organic ingredient and so on but i still prefer Shaklee skin care since its made by the number 1 nutrition company in the US and they have patented ingredient and they are proven working. So the latest reward i had for myself is a facial class and demo on YOUTH product range that will be launched in March. I just cant wait for the class and of course if you are interested to know more, i m more than happy to share what i have discovered after the class and also about why YOUTH is for you if you want to erase traces of aging by 10 years off your skin.

I hope this sharing benefits you.

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