Obsessed with the Shaklee


I started with Shaklee Breastfeeding Set which i consume throughout my breastfeeding journey and i managed to go for extended period of 2 years 4 months. I m amazed as we started with low flow but i was determined to give my baby the best food i can offer him. Even after that i still consume them as its not for breastfeeding only but for overall health. Gradually, i add in other Shaklee vitamin that helps my eyesight, hormone, liver, cells health, immune system booster energy for the cells and reproductive system health.

It did not stops there, even my children are on Shaklee vitamin. Imagine when they starts going to daycare and school, their immune system works harder as now and then they got attack by common illness such as flu, cough spread in the classroom. Good that we have immune booster – nutriferon which took 40 years of research and it can be consume by children and it really help in times like that.

House care, from dish washer, laundry to mopping and cleaning, all are from Shaklee. I trust them since they are safe, gentle on our environment yet powerful to removes dirt, leaving it clean. My baby cloth diaper also i m using shaklee laundry powder and it is free from stain and smell.

Skin care? Oh those too are Shaklee skin care. Was using nutriwhite range but in march, i m getting myself the YOUTH skin care. Did you know it is proven to erase trace of a decade sign of aging? Which is 10 years younger… whats cool about YOUTH range is its contain vitamin on top of skin care ingredient and research been done for 8 years before its released to public.
Well, as a distributor for Shaklee i have tried almost all of the product and i will not go for other brand. I just love everything about Shaklee and i m OBSES with Shaklee

Does the brand you are using at home gurantee you its safe for your family? Safe for the little ones? If in doubt, either you do your reasearch or change brand which will change your family well being as well. Decide now, dont drag as your family well being is in your hand.

I hope this sharing benefits you.

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