What inspire me to be more successful


Why do some people go for side income?

Basically, the more family member you have, the more cost involved. But what if we cant provide these member of the family with healthy lifestyle? More cost will occur for medical fee. What if we have health awareness, more home cook food, more vegetables and fruits, do activities outside of the house as a family. Sounds perfect kan.

That inspire me to be in Shaklee business. Its all start with health awareness. If we are already diagnosed with some health issue and be on medication whole life and followup now and than, life will be not the same with symptoms and side effect. Sad when we have small children bah.

I remember when my mother was diagnosed with high blood pressure, we did not aware that skipping medication can cause the blood pressure to be at an uncontrolled level that end up to a stroke.  Second stroke took her away from us.  Again its all about health awareness.  Less salt, less sugar, less fat foods and exercise to keep fit and maintain a healthy BMI could help to lower the blood pressure.  That is why i am into Shaklee, there are supplement that could help to maintain a healthy blood pressure, even if you are on medication, you still can take supplement.  For example, vitamin C is necessary since our blood vessel become stiff as we age, there comes Vitamin C roles to ensure its elastic.  Whenever a high blood pressure hits, our blood vessel can blend with it instead of burst that resulting to stroke.

my high blood pressure remedies

If health is your major concern and you want to help people around you to be healthy as well, and at the same time you are rewards with you effort, then might as well you join our team, the Steadfast Group.  For shaklee business is not merely about income only but its about helping others.


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