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We might come across skin care that we should apply at certain age to cater to the aging sign.  There are list of best skin care routine for 20s, 30s, 40s and so on and the complete regimen is with cleanser, toner, moisturizer, night cream just that they are unable to show us a clinical test result that can prove the skin care actually proven.
I remember when i was in my secondary school, i wear this brand of skin care, it was working great on my skin for a year then after that nothing much improvement happen so i change to a different brand. I m not sure but a beauty salon i ever went to, said that we need to upgrade our skin care when it stops making magic on us.

But did you know that you can now stick to ONE brand throughout the years? Because it covers all age.

YOUTH Skin Care for every age

As we age, there are 3 major changes happen to our skin:

  • A reduction in skin cell turnover (renewal rate)
  • A decrease in elastin and collagen production
  • A loss of moisture

These contribute to our skin lose its youthful radiance and softness.  Lets look what happen to our skin as we age:

Your 20s

The goal is to protect, protect and protect.  Being active, mostly skin damage happen from the outside as exposure to sun most of the time.  Sunscreen is important include the complete regimen – cleansing, toning and moisturizing day and night.

Your 30s

Skin rejuvenation rate (renewal rate) has started to slow down.  So you can see skin looks less radiant and less soft. Fine lines begin to appear and maybe few dark spots visible.  Oil production drops so its effect moisturizer of the skin.

To help those in 20s and 30s, a starter set is suitable to cater the problem.

A Starter Set is a simple and convenient skin care set to help exfoliate, hydrate, protect and nourish our skin to maintain youthfulness:

  • Luminous gel oil cleanser (125ml)
  • Perfecting skin toner (177ml)
  • Age Defense Moistruzer – SPF 50 (50ml)
  • Advanced Renewal Night Cream – Light (50ml)

Youth Shaklee YOUTH complex has a powerful combination of Apple Cell Extract and gentle Vitamin A retinol to help accelerate skin cell renewal to a more youthful rate.

Another thing that changes in our skin as we age is that it is not able to transport nutrients to where they are needed so that our skin cells have the energy they need to function properly. Our YOUTH Complex also contains Shisandra chinensis fruit extract to help structurally provide more nutrients and energy to the skin.

Your 40s

Loss of collagen, moisture and volume, deeper lines appear at this age.  More lines visible round the eyes and corner of the mouth

Your 50s

Estrogen drop at this age, skin become dryer and skin turnover decreases even more.  Skin can become thin, sag and prone to wrinkle as more collagen and elastin loss.  Moisturizing become critical and care for the drop of collagen and elastin is a must to encourage greater cell turnover

To help those in 40s and 50s, a renewal and maintain set is suitable to cater the problem.

A Renewal and Maintain Set is a convenient skin care set to help prevent and treat all sign of aging, restore luminous glow and make your skin act younger.

  • Luminous gel oil cleanser (125ml)
  • Perfecting skin toner (177ml)
  • Age Defense Moistruzer – SPF 50 (50ml)
  • Advanced Renewal Night Cream – Light (50ml)
  • add : YOUTH activating Serum (30ml)

In addition, our skin produces less collagen and elastin as we age, and unfortunately this process starts early in life…in our 20’s. The latest scientific research indicates that skin cells responsible for producing these proteins receive fewer signals to product them as we age.  Over time, this leads to the appearance of wrinkles, loss of firmness and sagging of the skin.  Our YOUTH Complex contains a first-to-market Lotus Japonicus extract that activates a newly discovered Youth Protein in the skin that has been shown to signal these cells to produce more collagen and elastin.  Our research indicates that we are first in the market to target this newly discovered Youth Protein.  Imagine that…and its a WOW!.

To help those in 60s and 70s, a intensive treatment and repair set is suitable to cater the skin issue.

The Intensive Treatment and Repair Set is a complete skin care set to help address the sign of aging, reduce wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation, repair sun damage, restore clarity and enhance radiance.

  • Luminous gel oil cleanser (125ml)
  • Perfecting skin toner (177ml)
  • Age Defense Moistruzer – SPF 50 (50ml)
  • Advanced Renewal Night Cream – Light (50ml)
  • add : YOUTH activating Serum (30ml)
  • add : Radiance C + E

In YOUTH skin care, Shaklee have proven you don’t have to sacrifice safety and purity for efficacy. All YOUTH products are designed and developed without the harmful chemicals and questionable ingredients found in so many other products that impact you and the planet.

We screen for over 350 contaminants, pesticides, and impurities on every new botanical ingredient, 3x more than required. And we perform more than 100,000 quality tests per year to ensure our products are safe.

We always put the earth first—we were the first company in the world to fully offset all our carbon emissions so as to leave no footprint on our planet.

That is the reason why YOUTH shaklee is a skin care that you can use now until your old age.   After seeing and hearing about YOUTH, don’t you think we all deserve to pamper our skin with YOUTH too?  To grab YOUTH® set for yourself,

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