5 Unexpected Benefits of Omega-3


Beside heart health, omega-3 fatty acids are known to support our health in various ways. Let see how it works.

Stronger Bones and Healthier Joints

As we age, our production of cartilage, a type of connective tissues to cushion your joints, diminishes, resulting in joint pain and inflammation. Omega-3 supports by:

  • Anti-inflammatory – acting as anti-inflammatory function to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Enhancing calcium absorption to optimise bone strength to support mobility

Maintain Eye Health

Your retina contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) required for visual recognition. Omega-3 support by:

  • Optimal DHA level – Maintaining optimal level of DHA required for healthy eye vision.
  • Decreasing Risk Eye Problem – Help to proper drainage of intraocular fluid from the eye, decreasing risk of high eye pressure and glaucoma.

Enhance Immune System

Prolonged inflammation resulting from stress, diet or lifestyle factors could damage your tissues, leading to degeneration and swelling. Omega-3 supports by

  • Reducing inflammation – By reducing inflammatory reactions
  • Produce antibodies – EPA and DHA enhance the function of white blood cells to produce antibodies, combat infections and viruses to boost your immune system!

Healthy Weight Loss

A research shown that fish oil improves the efficacy of exercise in attempts to lose weight. Omega-3 supports by

  • Stimulating enzymes – It transport fat to where it can be used for energy
  • Improving metabolism speed – When metabolism increases, you burn more fat and lose more weight

Healthier Brain Function and Better Moods

Did you know that your brain and cell membranes are made of essential fats? An important building block of your brain, Omega-3 supports by:

  • Enhance message delivery – It reduces inflammation in the brain and enhance message delivery from one brain cell to another
  • Lift your mood – Regulating cortisol levels, a stress hormone so that you feel better.

That is how important Omega-3 to our health. Our body could not produce Omega-3 so we have to depend on our daily diet for it. But most of the nutrient lost in the preparation of food. Another option to top-up the Omega-3 our body needs is through the intake of supplement. And having so many brand and types and source in the market, it would be a headache to choose a good ones.

Let me introduce you to Omega Guard from Shaklee.

What makes Omega Guard different from others?

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