Start Your Day Right with VITAMIN C


Vitamin C is essential for a wide range of benefits to your body, with its primary function being a good source of antioxidant.

However, it is not produced or stored in the body and hence, we have to replenish this vital vitamin through diet.

I would like to share the benefit of Vitamin C to maintain and boost our health daily.

Healthy Immune System

Supports resistance against infections so you feel healthier daily!

Ward Off Signs of Ageing

Vitamin C plays essential role in collagen production, minimising wrinkles and age spots and helps to provide better skin tone.


Key nutrient to heal wounds, repair and maintain healthy cartilage, bones, teeth and skin

Supports Iron Absorption

Essential for normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin.

Who Needs A Boost of Vitamin C?

  • Frequent common cold
  • Those with dull skin
  • Morning sniffles
  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Those with injuries

The Shaklee Vitamin C Difference

Yeah, there are a lot of different brand and types of vitamin C in the market that makes it harder to make a choice. So here are some criteria that makes Sustained Released Vita-C from Shaklee a great choice.

  • Sustained Release System delivers 500mg of vitamin C over a period of five hours.
  • Added with 120mg of Citrus Bioflavonoids.
  • All-natural product derived from corn extract.
  • Suitable for those with sensitive stomachs.

How much vitamin C should We consume daily?

A review done by Institute of Medicine (IOM) showed that high intakes of vitamin C has a low toxicity risk and adverse effect has been reported when the daily consumption is 3000mg/day1. The Ministry of Health Malaysia has lined that the maximum vitamin C intake to 2000mg/day

I cant imagine eating 119 carrot a day, even 1 carrot its hardly to consume not to say 119 perday. That is another good reason to supplement our diet with Sustained Released Vita-C from Shaklee in order to fill in the gaps that we could not gain from our daily diet alone.

In need to add Shaklee Sustained Releas Vita-C Plus To Start Your Day Right with VITAMIN C?

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