Stay Energised And Revitalised While On-The-Go!


Festival such is the current Chinese New Year Celebration and long holidays, surely many people want to make the most out of the holiday to relax and enjoy great time with family after working hard throughout the year.

However, everyone should put safety as priority to be extra careful of the risks that can happen during this festival season with increased traffic on the road, flu season and outbreaks.

Its a good practice to be prepared and awareness can help to ensure the this Spring Festival celebration goes smoothly.

Apart from eating healthy, enough sleep and take time to exercise, supplementing your daily diet is helpful too. Here are the best supplement you can consider to stay healthy.


Take 1 tablet before you start your journey to stay active and power up!
• An essential component in energy production.
• Helps convert fats and sugar into usable energy throughout the day.


Mix one stick into your favourite drink for a boost of energy and enhance alertness.
• A refreshing drink to enhance alertness throughout the whole journey.
• Increases energy so you feel fresh and alert all day long.


Take 1 teaspoon directly or mix it in your favourite drink to energise your journey.
• Rich in antioxidants, it optimists cell performance so your body works optimally.
• Boosts your energy and alertness for a smoother journey.

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