Improve Eye Health With Carotenoids


Good eye sight is incredibly valuable to prevent common eye problem such as
Dry Tear Ducts
Tear ducts do not produce enough fluid to keep the eyes moist

Calcium salts clouding the lens of the eyes

increase pressure in the eye due to increase fluid pressure within the eye

Difficulty focusing on close-up work

Bits of cellular debris floating within the eyes

Night Blindness
Inability to see normally in subdued light

A vision disorder that causes object to be blurry, either at a distance or close-up

There is a good news, in a 12 years of study of more than 50,000 nurses, Harvard researchers found that those who got the most of carotenoids in their diet were 39% less likely to develop serious cataracts than women who got the least carotenoids.

Carotenoids are plant pigments that give fruits and vegetables their bright red, yellow and orange hues and are important to plant health. People who eat food containing carotenoids get protective antioxidant benefits as well.

And today, we need antioxidant protection more than ever since we are exposed to pollution, sunlight, stress and busy lifestyle, We tend to fall short of recommended daily serving of vegetables and fruits to combat free radical damage.

The human body does not naturally make the carotenoids it needs. Getting daily amounts of carotenoids through dietary intake can help maintain eye health.

In shaklee, we have CarotoMax which contains carotenoids that helps keep healthy vision and provide antioxidant protection towards lipid rich area such as eyes.

It blends 6 potent carotenoids :

Alpha Carotene

  • Becomes vitamin A in the body.
  • Supports healthy vision and improves eye strain.

Beta Carotene

  • A primary source of vitamin A.
  • Supports low-light and night vision.


Improves blood flow to the retina for better focus on near objects.1


Filters blue light emission from electronic devices and UV rays for maintenance of healthy vision.


Maintains clarity of the eye’s natural lens by neutralising oxidation mainly from UV rays and blue light.


Forms a protective layer to keep eyes healthy.

Interested For A Carotenoids Source To Support Healthy Eyes and Good Vision – Shaklee CarotoMax?

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  1. Kajita M., Tsukahara H., Kato M. The effects of a dietary supplement containing astaxanthin on the accommodation function of the eye in middle-aged and older people. Med. Consult. N. Remed. 2009;46(3):89–93. [Google Scholar]

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