Vita-lea for Children Vitamin E
May  19

Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy At 28 Weeks

Just had my detail scan at GH yesterday.  I was nervous and very nervous, sweating since its warm at the passageway.    Looking at few others who are waiting for their turn, the nurse wheeled pregnant lady passing thru, the guard who keep on to and fro into the ward to check for visitors, doctor who do their routine checkup. I was number 8 by counting the number of lady who was sited there....

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Mar  31

Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy with High Blood Pressure

We were so happy to discover that we are pregnant after trying for 3 years. Its actually our last try before we calls ‘closed factory’. I noticed that since we seriously taking our supplement and eat healthy and do exercise, a positive pregnancy test is just a blessing to us. First checkup was a long winding ones as i was interviewed on pregnancy history. Then were sent to the the...

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Feb  17

Let the children play

I like the concept of ‘let the children play’.. its a way to allow the children to discover and learn at the same time encouraging fun and add in imaginative play. Nature itself create beautiful learning experiences for our children. With Jay sitting on the soft green grass..he sees butterfly, bird, ladybird, snails, millipede, the blue sky ..the white cloud and so many other thing...

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Nov  30

Why Shaklee

Shaklee wasn’t my first supplement source. I tried Herbalife, Amway and few others i could not remember the brand. Yet, after using Shaklee for 4 years now, looking at its history and how their scientist dedicated on R&D to ensure each ingredient used are safe, natural and proven working, For these reason, i just fall in love with Shaklee and will not look at other brand...

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Jun  23

My idola, Dr Forrest C Shaklee

  The person i admire the most is Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee. Born in 1894 in soot and smoke coal mining section of Carlisle, Lowa, diagnosed with tuberculosis from birth and the Doctor predicted he he was not likely to survive past 8 years. The say “the case is hopeless, the baby cannot be expected to live long, his short life will be living death!” Because of his health...

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Feb  18

Big hero, Bigger heart

  Jayden tend to get hooked on the Disney’s  Big Hero 6 which has been nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 2015 Golden Globes. What about Big Hero? Hiro Hamada and Baymax are the two main character.  Baymax is a robot who is also a personal health care companion invented by Hiro brilliant brother, Tadashi. The most interesting part for Jayden is their ‘Fist...

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Jan  09

Speak love to husband

If some one ask you, ‘What makes your husband feel loved?’.  Are you able to answer that? Hundreds of wives was interviewed by the author of ‘When a Woman Inspires Her Husband’, she found most wives focused on their husband’s aren’t doing to meet their expectations compare to what they can do to make him feel loved. I was like them too and its true that when...

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Jan  07

My 2015 resolution

A resolution is essential to make it clear the driving force in my life for this year 2015.  I  intend to improve myself by forgetting the past and move on. If my life is manipulated by memories of regrets of the past, it will only sabotaging my success. If i hold on to the anger of resentment, i am only hunting myself with the bitterness.  Those who offended me most probably forgotten the...

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Dec  29

Make Him your first priority daily

“Seek first”…  make time for God at the start of the day NOT the leftover time Make Him a DAILY routine Make Him the FIRST thing once you got up in the morning Make Him your FIRST priority and WATCH what He will do on your behalf when you seek Him first, seek Him...

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Dec  25

What Christmas is all about


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