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May  19

Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy At 28 Weeks

Just had my detail scan at GH yesterday.  I was nervous and very nervous, sweating since its warm at the passageway.    Looking at few others who are waiting for their turn, the nurse wheeled pregnant lady passing thru, the guard who keep on to and fro into the ward to check for visitors, doctor who do their routine checkup. I was number 8 by counting the number of lady who was sited there....

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Mar  31

Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy with High Blood Pressure

We were so happy to discover that we are pregnant after trying for 3 years. Its actually our last try before we calls ‘closed factory’. I noticed that since we seriously taking our supplement and eat healthy and do exercise, a positive pregnancy test is just a blessing to us. First checkup was a long winding ones as i was interviewed on pregnancy history. Then were sent to the the...

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