Why i m still with Shaklee? Vita-lea for Children Vitamin E
Mar  23

Skin care that cater different age group

We might come across skin care that we should apply at certain age to cater to the aging sign.  There are list of best skin care routine for 20s, 30s, 40s and so on and the complete regimen is with cleanser, toner, moisturizer, night cream just that they are unable to show us a clinical test result that can prove the skin care actually proven. I remember when i was in my secondary school, i...

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Mar  17

What do we have in YOUTH skin care collection

The entire YOUTH skin care was designed to work together to deliver remarkable results. Formulated with active anti-aging ingredients in every single product in the collection, YOUTH provides treatment benefits in its regimen. 1. LUMINOUS GEL OIL CLEANSER (125ml) Our 3-in-1 soap-free pH-balanced cleanser The cleanser combines a patented blend of vitamins and polyphenols plus exfoliating algae...

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Mar  01

Way to remove acne scars fast in 13 days

The after effect of pimples breakouts – scars or acne holes that left on the skin are just hard to get rid off. These type of acne scar is also known as Atrophic Scar. Atropic scars happen because : 1. Previous acne scar which has an incomplete healing or damages it did on skin cells. 2. Act of picking at pimples, popping pimples and squeezing pimples are damaging the skin tissue too...

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Feb  21

Motivating yourself with rewards

After a successful and fruitful labor, its time to give ourselves a pat on the back and a rewards that tend to motivate us to put more effort on our work so it be double and triple and more outcome in the future. How do you usually reward yourself? For me it be a skin care product and of course it be from Shaklee skin care range. Why Shaklee? There are a lot of brand in the market but i m not...

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Feb  08

5 ways to look beautiful and be youthful

Look younger would be everyone dream and its great to look as how you feel inside. But how to look younger? Here are 5 secrets that will make you look younger. 1. Firm up with collagen Collagen is found under our skin. It gives structure and maintain elasticity of the skin. Without it, our anti-aging cream will be ineffective. An increase of collagen is recommended since it help Rejuvenates...

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Feb  05

The super power of CoQ-Trol Plus that you need to know

After 2 years CoQ was not available in Malaysia, it now make a come back as CoQ-Trol Plus with new formula. Combination of ingredient of 100mg of Coenzyme Q10, Resveratrol and Tokofenol for positive effect. 5 fact that we need to know about CoQ-Trol Plus 1. Higher concentration of 100mg CoQ10 2. Combination of 2mg Resveratrol for inflamation 3. Combination of 3mg Tokofenol as an antioxidant...

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Jan  23

YOUTH® Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen Skincare, clinically proven working, natural and safe

Yesterday during the Health and Wellness talks, we had a sneak peek of the new skin care by Shaklee, YOUTH® Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen Skincare that will be out for sale in March 2018.   Those that are attending the Shaklee Business Leader Conference were given the opportunity to buy a set and give it a try.  How fortunate kan! 7 YOUTH differences to other skincare regimen in the...

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Jan  07

7 Effective remedies to remove blackheads

Blackhead are tiny bumps, dark spots that appear on the surface of your skin and its a common problem attacking those with oily skin. It get worst if you fail to clean it properly. They are formed from excess oil by sebaceous glands in your skin, plus dead skins buildup that clog the hair follicles and form a plug, making it a suitable breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Blackheads can be...

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Sep  28

Tips for Healthy Radiant Skin

Ever wonder how some people have an attractive glow on their skin? Still wondering what does it take for skin to be that gorgeous? Secret lies on these 4 essential nutrients for beautiful skin from inside out Previously i tend to go for different brand of skin care, depending on brand that people say effective.  But i still struggle with zits, dark circles, pigmentation, patches of dry brown...

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May  03

The best cleanser for your skin type

I remember well, during school time, i don’t wear any sun block or face cream during sports activities and those long stretch sports training hours under the hot sun. Yet i don’t have any pigmentation or sun burn problem. But as time passes, skin loses tone and radiance, brown spots appear, hyper pigmentation occurs and fine lines and wrinkle begin to develop. Why? Because of factors...

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