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Mar  31

Forgotten Senior Citizens

Reported that 100,000 senior citizen are staying alone or abandoned by their family. This is in 2009 and i guess the statistic increases each year. “When I was still working, my siblings would invite me to go to their houses for dinner. After being hit by a car, I stopped working and stayed here. I have never been invited since then,” said Leong Siew Yoong who is currently staying at an old...

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Aug  08

An unforgettable dinner dangling high in the sky under the stars

Are you in the mood to sweep your lover off their feet with an unforgettable experience? This would be a not-to-be-missed one kind of an experience. A dinner in the sky, an amazing and unique dinning experience offered in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia being the first ever in South East Asia to host such experience and it is happening now since 1st until 31st August 2015. Dinner in the...

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Aug  06

Transformer has arrived to save Penang from alien

Have you watch the Transformer : Age of extinction?   I m not a big fan of transformer but watching that new one was really eye catching.  Why? 1. Car The cars projected in the move are pretty, shiny and fast which comes in all shapes and sizes.  Watch the robots transform into car, wrestle, shoot and communicate. 2. Fan of Mark Wahlberg If you love watching him acting then you would love...

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