Why i m still with Shaklee? Vita-lea for Children Vitamin E
Jan  19

Why i m still with Shaklee?

There were so many MLM out there but why Shaklee? I m still with Shaklee since 2014 until now because of these : 1. Most company make profit as their priority In Shaklee, we strive for a safe, green and proven working quality of products not merely going after the profit. Even those business leader, they seldom show off their wealth because that is not the main reason they are involved in this...

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Jan  09

Vita-lea for Children

Make sure you get your bottle and give your children the nutrition they need. Contact ME, you distributor today!   My son is a picky eater with small appetite and i am concern that he is not getting enough essential vitamin required for his growth. When your child similar to mine, imagine he has to eat all these to get all nutrients in Vita-lea for Children.     Vita-Lea for...

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Oct  31

Vitamin E

Have you gotten your bottle of Vita-E...

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