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Criteria For An Effective Detox Plan

Even the most healthy people have toxins in their bodies that need to be removed, that is why Detox come into the picture. Unfortunately, most detox program actually just ‘cleanses’ where you stop eating junk food or unhealthy food for days but detox is more than merely eating healthy food. I choose Shaklee Detox plan […]

The blood filter that eliminate toxin from the body

Our most important and largest organ, the liver play important roles to process the toxins that your body creates and consumes.  Ensuring liver health is essential for nutrient metabolism and overall health.  Its  crucial roles are: # Normal metabolism including detoxification # Can regenerate itself if part of it is damaged # Deal with a […]

Critical liver diseases hunting addictive alcoholic

One day i feel dizzy and nauseous and i ended up in the bathroom thinking i had eaten something bad for lunch, i then threw up and it was full of blood!  It was like a bad dream or a terrible horror movie! then i threw up another stomach full of blood.  This is Valerie’s […]

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