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7 perfect habits of people with flawless skin that you can apply in your daily routine

A flawless skin isn’t just a dream, it’s possible as does not need excellent genes to have great skin. No matter what your natural complexion is, clear skin can be yours too. Miss Nor Farizan secret on how she gain a healthy, clear, glowing and gorgeous skin after 7 years struggling with bad acne and […]

Nurture your oily, acne prone skin with nutrients from skin care

With an oily skin type, your oil glands work overtime producing more oil than you need, clogging pores and leaving it looks shining. If you sick of those problem, its time to take control to get your oily skin balanced. Why Enfuselle? 50 years worth of scientific nutrition research, Shaklee has produce the most advance […]

Desire to look 5 to 10 to 15 years younger than actual age without a surgery

Our skin is a mirror of our health and its important to keep our body healthy with well-balance diet. Adding to that, optimal skin health can only be achieved through proper protection from the sun and environment pollutants that creates free radicals on the skin. Why Enfuselle? All the vitamins that your skin carves are […]

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