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Jan  30

Is it a Braxton Hicks or a labor contractions?

Sometimes in your pregnancy you can feel contractions in your abdomen which is known ask Braxton Hicks contraction or ‘false labour’. Its not a labor pain but your brain is sending message to your body to prepare for labor. What the body respond to it is by contracting the uterus muscle to help get ready for baby arrival. Commonly start in third trimester of pregnancy Here are 4...

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Jul  16

7 secret your husband needs from you

Marriage can be hard. Sometimes you try to figure out why the more you trying to understand your life partner whom you love the most but the more confused you get. Both men and women are different, we don’t think and respond to life in a similar way.  So here are some secret your husband probably will not share but they need you to know.  Do these sincerely and with love, you will not...

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