Why i m still with Shaklee? Vita-lea for Children Vitamin E
Jan  30

Is it a Braxton Hicks or a labor contractions?

Sometimes in your pregnancy you can feel contractions in your abdomen which is known ask Braxton Hicks contraction or ‘false labour’. Its not a labor pain but your brain is sending message to your body to prepare for labor. What the body respond to it is by contracting the uterus muscle to help get ready for baby arrival. Commonly start in third trimester of pregnancy Here are 4...

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Jan  18

6 reason why crawling is important in baby milestone

I share today on the importance of crawling.  Not that we force them but motivate them to crawl as it plays a critical role in infant development in terms of physical and mental. 6 benefit why crawling is important for baby 1. Strengthen their neck, hands, hips, wrists, elbows and shoulders When baby crawls, they have to constantly activate these part to support their body weight. These muscles...

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Dec  13

Method for folding baby clothes

I myself have hard time folding babys cloth as they are small and when folding, they are in different sizes and shape. I have two children age 5 years old and 4 months old. I use to stack them up in baby cupboard but when you are in a rush and grab in from stacks of baby cloth, the rest will go tumbling down or it got messed up and i need to fold them again when the baby is asleep. When my 5...

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Dec  11

5 Tips on Money Habits That Help Your Kids Be Financial Success

An apple will not fall far from the apple tree.  How we handle money influence the way our children will too and its never too early to get children involved in money management.   Because if we are not teaching them, who else is going to do that.  In school, they are not taught anything about be more responsible in managing money. Here are 5 smart money habits 1. Be open about money We...

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Nov  07

Why its vital for children to have sufficient level of DHA for brain development

Brain development in children starts since they are in their mother’s womb and it continues after the child is born.   Brain can be divided into 4 lobes with each controlling specific function. Each part of the brain develop at different rates and reaches maturity at different age. The brain mainly consist of fat with the frontal lobe consists of 40% of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)...

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Jul  31

5 reason to save your child’s cord blood for long term health benefit

Each visiting the clinic for routine checkups, i notice the banner promoting umbilical cord blood banking. Brochures lining at the counter with a great picture of a pregnant mom featured on it. At a certain time, free talks held where the representative of the cord bank will explain about cord blood banking.   Cord blood banking has become popular among Malaysian parents, but is it...

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Jul  21

The compare snare attitude mothers need to change

Why is it so hard to make friend with other mom?  What would it be like if we learn to love and accept other moms rather than with measuring sticks and insecurity, rather than judging with raised eyebrows and hands on hips.  What if we focused on being a kind of neighbor everyone would want? The challenges to make friends with other mom are really a something, it require patience, require...

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Jul  19

7 Saving tips for your children’s future

Having a family is such a great gift from God, its a wonderful experience and life changing. Moreover, preparing for a new arrival is always an exciting time but it has some financial challenges.   All parents want to give their children the best start in life. Alongside the day to day expenses such as nappies, feeding and clothing there are longer term cost that have to consider saving...

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Jul  08

7 Ways to make your child feel loved

Did your child ever complain that you don’t love them before slamming their bedroom door shut? Million of parent does not understand why their children don’t believe they are loved and supported. Research reveals that Children immature minds often get the opposite message to what you intend. For children, actions speaks louder than words. A parent’s body language influences...

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Jul  07

8 reason why your child needs his sleep

Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise. In a study finding that children who consistently getting too little sleep had worse physical, emotional and social health compare to those who have adequate sleep. So how does sleep affect your children? 1. Sleep increases immunity Children having weaker immunity when they are lack of sleep as during sleep the body produces proteins known as...

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