Vita-lea for Children Vitamin E
May  15

Importance of songs and rhymes in early development of a child

  Studies shown that children who enjoy music, singing and rhyming tend to learn to speak more easily.  Songs and rhymes also helps child to practice skills such as thinking, language, motor coordination, understand emotions, math ability and problem solving. Music relieves stress: Sing the rhymes to your child as they loves the sound of their parent’s voice as your voice tend to sooth...

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Jan  09

Vita-lea for Children

Make sure you get your bottle and give your children the nutrition they need. Contact ME, you distributor today!   My son is a picky eater with small appetite and i am concern that he is not getting enough essential vitamin required for his growth. When your child similar to mine, imagine he has to eat all these to get all nutrients in Vita-lea for Children.     Vita-Lea for...

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