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Jul  13

How to lose weight and make it stay lost forever

If you are trying to lose wight or even want something easy to prepare, nutrition shake is a very effective and healthier options. Here’s a promising supplements and the science behind them that works magic for you. Fast fact What makes Cinch Shakes unique as meal replacement? 1. Contains nutrition complete with carbohydrates, calories, protein, fiber, fats, vitamin and minerals the body...

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May  20

Reduce your appetite with Rooibos tea in Cinch Energy Tea

  Originated around 300 years back in South Africa and that is the only place it grows. Rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) tea had been used by the Khoisans tribes in curing numerous ailments and now it has become popular as a healthy drink across the globe. It is a type of African red bush and go through fragmentation process where its chopped and left to dry in the sun where its green leaves...

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Mar  26

Why Matcha, an expensive tea is part of Cinch Energy Tea Mix?

Why Matcha tea and not other green teas?   Matcha tea, only grown in Japan and cultivated by local farmers near the Yahagi River where the misty, foggy air and climate conditions ideal for its growth.  It tend to be more expensive than other green tea as its is a superior, exclusive  and limited. The only tea grown in the shade under the bamboo mats or mesh, which gives it a tender...

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Mar  13

Why Cinch Tea is the best Metabolism Rate booster

Who doesn’t like the smell and the taste of a tea? People have been drinking teas for thousands of years and it’s the second most popular drink in the world after water. Shaklee Cinch Energy Tea Mix has its own special benefit not only because of its caffeine-free with an exotic taste of 4 types of tea blended together, it is also well known as an energy booster too for those who are cutting...

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