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Food and beverages to avoid during pregnancy

When you found that you are pregnant, surely you would be doing everything that is in the best interest for your baby. What you eat and drink is also influences your child health as some may have adverse effect during pregnancy. Here are some items you should eliminate from your plate and its not forever, […]

Be Aware Of MERS Symptoms Before Its Too Late

MERS first appeared in the Middle East in 2012 and the expert still clueless with the virus originated. It might be the from a new mutation of an existing virus or it was circulating in animals before affecting humans. It becomes a serious problem in the Middle East and cases worldwide started to spike up since […]

How To Prevent Baldness And Nourish Hair For Healthy Regrowth

Hair problem such as slow hair growth, hair thinning and hair loss could be a big concern. Genetic factor might be the cause of the problem but other factor does contribute to the problems such as nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, stress and insufficient scalp circulation. Most people are likely to end up with expensive and […]

Importance Of Songs And Rhymes In Early Development Of A Child

Studies shown that children who enjoy music, singing and rhyming tend to learn to speak more easily.  Songs and rhymes also helps child to practice skills such as thinking, language, motor coordination, understand emotions, math ability and problem solving. Music relieves stress: Sing the rhymes to your child as they loves the sound of their […]

The Perfect Prenatal Vitamin

An expectant mum needs nutrition that can nourish her growing baby within by practicing a well-balance diet consist of plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins. Even then, getting all the nutrients needed from diet alone could be a bit challenging especially when in the early stage a pregnant mum suffer morning sickness […]

Is Prenatal Vitamins Necessary During Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and not yet begun taking prenatal vitamins as recommended by your doctor, please do so as soon as possible. A study conducted by Dutch researchers found that the first 3 months of pregnancy is a crucial time that determines baby’s heart health later in life so what mother-to-be can do to […]

What are the key nutrition to boost man fertility?

Research shows that about 10% of married couples have problems conceiving due to infertility.  The risk factor for both male and female are the same which include being exposed to occupational or environmental hazards, tobacco and alcohol use, being overweight or underweight, exercise issues, stress, poor nutrition and many more.   Vitamin C – improve […]

Pregnancy Set Testimonial

Stretch Marks Happen when your body grows faster than your skin can keep up with causing the elastic fibers under the surface of the skin to break.  The most area that are affected are on the belly and breasts since those area grow the most.  Collagen and elastin fibers in the skin are important to […]

Speak love to husband

If some one ask you, ‘What makes your husband feel loved?’.  Are you able to answer that? Hundreds of wives was interviewed by the author of ‘When a Woman Inspires Her Husband’, she found most wives focused on their husband’s aren’t doing to meet their expectations compare to what they can do to make him […]

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