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Business partner that inspire me

Health awareness is the reason people are into Shaklee. During a checkup, her blood pressure was slightly at the border line. She made a great choice by changing her lifestyle. Took effort to exercise after work, manage stress at work and healthy home cooked meal with less salt, oily and fats food. Also, include supplement […]

Enlarge My Territory to Grow Beyond My Current Status

In every business, sales is what its all about. No one would do a business that does not generate income. Previously, a physical shop is where we go to get our daily needs but now, online shopping is so famous. My shop is online and open 24/7 365 days and there is no restriction on […]

Why i m still with Shaklee?

There were so many MLM out there but why Shaklee? I m still with Shaklee since 2014 until now because of these : 1. Most company make profit as their priority In Shaklee, we strive for a safe, green and proven working quality of products not merely going after the profit. Even those business leader, […]

What makes second income necessary

Nowadays going to the hypermarket with my son, Jay for grocery shopping is kind of fun and stressful at the same time. He stroll along the aisle and grab what seems interesting to him and quickly put it in the cart. When he is not looking, either me or his dad will place back those item […]

There are no great limits to growth

Business growth is necessary for your business to survive and to ensure your economic well-being. But surely there is a thinking of there are so many people are doing Shaklee, will there be any chance for me to success? Its like we are thinking of ‘everyday fisherman catching fish in the sea, surely tomorrow there […]

Why Shaklee

Shaklee wasn’t my first supplement source. I tried Herbalife, Amway and few others i could not remember the brand. Yet, after using Shaklee for 4 years now, looking at its history and how their scientist dedicated on R&D to ensure each ingredient used are safe, natural and proven working, For these reason, i just fall […]

Stepping up from Zero in Supplementing Our Diet

Most entrepreneur build their business from great idea that they have and people loves the idea. Supplement, nutrition, BMI those we have heard since school time but do we ever care? Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee , he was born with health problem, its the awareness his parent had that treated him with natural treatment – […]

Take charge of your life & achieve the results you want!

There is a chapter in the book that describe our life is like a space shuttle. Setting a clear goal is equally to set the coordinates or the direction you are moving towards. But dont forget that fuel is crucial to propels your shuttle else you would never reach your goal. Fuel is your life […]

Use Shaklee Bonus to chase your dream

As a mother to a son, a wife to a husband, they say:A wife of a noble character is worth far more than rubies. She seeks wool and flax and works with willing hands.She is like the ships of the merchants; she brings her food from afar.She rises while it is yet night and provides food for […]

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