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Oct  12

Struggle to lose weight? Fix the Leptin hormones that makes you slim

Holidays came and went, been enjoying the varieties food offered contributing to heavier and sluggish you. Now its time to burn those excess to help you improve your mood, gain energy and lose weight. You have already eating less, exercising more yet failed to make the scale budge.  Did you know imbalance of weight-loss hormone called leptin might be the culprit? This leptin suppose...

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Sep  02

Nutrition Effectiveness on Chicken pox Scar

Chicken pox, a highly contagious disease common in early childhood but it may appear in adult too. It have more complications in adult and pregnant women compare to during childhood. Mine appear right just after SPM and it leaves bad scar, deep ones. Chicken pox rash appear in form of red spots then develop into clear fluid-filled blisters. After a day or two, blisters become cloudy and burst....

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Jan  22

Remedies to stop getting Vertigo

Vertigo is a sensation of dizziness, a sense when you and your environment is moving or spinning even though there is no movement. It can last for hours or days. Vertigo is caused the disturbance in either: # balance organs of the inner ear # parts of the brain or sensory nerve pathways Along with the dizziness, other symptoms that related to vertigo include: What causes vertigo? 1. Benign...

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Nov  13

Users speak about “Why SHAKLEE?”

Health and Wellness talk This month, November 2015 it was held at Miri Imperial Palace Hotel and the topic was about diabetes. About 35 people attended the talk which was open to public. There are 3 types of diabetes and our diet as well as life-style are the most important part of our life that we need to look after to prevent diabetes. After the talks, there were 3 people who step up and share...

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