Vita-lea for Children Vitamin E
Jun  29

Tips on transition from breastfeeding to bottle

  For a working mother, when the confinement period is almost over, another matter that they struggle with it the transition of breastfeeding to bottle.  This is to ensure the baby could adapt to bottle feed when they are under the nanny care. I did not have a good experience with this, the nanny called and complain that the baby is not taking any milk from the bottle and its not a good...

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Mar  25

Spending School Holidays usefully

  School holiday is almost over now. I am sure on the first day, mommy would be busy organizing activities, planning meals and to-do list for each child to help around with house cores. Some parent were on holiday to spent qualities time with their children. These are times when we are with them 24 hours a day and apart from fun, we can let them do house cores with a little rewards and...

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Mar  24

Supplement is essential for good health

Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) is an index that refer to recommended minimum amount of nutritional needed by our body to avoid being deficiency. Even thought a healthy diet contain these RDA but supplementing our diet with vitamins is essential because how we recovery from an illness is by optimizing the health of every cells so we need to provide all nutrition in optimum quantities. We have...

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Feb  16

5 Tips to make side income while working full time

A mother, a wife, a daughter and working full time with a business on part time basis.  But can i have a part-time income and be successful at it? I found that with Shaklee, i can take the advantage of being able to work on my own pace and still be able to manage, its an opportunity to create a solution to achieve my dream. There are few tips you can have a big impact in your business even...

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Feb  16

Be proactive and progressive

Every religion teaches about proactive and progressive. To be proactive is “to be active in advance”. Its similar to those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense. We have to have the initiative to move on, instead of coming with so many reason that ‘I don’t know how..i don’t have this and that’ because its our...

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Jun  30

Lets Recycle and Live Harmony with Nature

I been taking supplement for few years now as i believe it could help to fill up the gaps of nutrient we are not getting from our diet. Also, believing home should be the safest place in the world, i m into organic base of cleaning product to ensure nothing with harsh chemical around my children. Did you know 9 out of 10 poison exposures occur at home? Did you know that Dr. Shaklee founded...

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Oct  05

9 tips for travelling safely while expecting

Once doctor give you the green light, you will be ready for the babymoon – one last freedom with a vacation of your choices. The second trimester is the perfect time to travel after morning sickness passes and before you are too bulky for the bullhead Pick an ideal spot Choose a destination that you are comfortable with, easy to reach and has medical facilities. Consult doctor for travel...

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Jul  28

8 Unexpected Ways to Stay Hydrated Besides Drinking 8 Glass of Water

Water is the most essential nutrient our system needs as our bodies are made up of about 60% water and every cell, tissue and organ depend on water to function well. Water plays important role from regulating body temperature, removing waste, lubricates joints and to carrying oxygen to the cells. How does my body lose water? You will lose water routinely when we: # urinate or have a bowel...

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