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Breastfeeding is a determination to health and development

Its 4am and time for me to nurse my baby.  She been tossing a while that signal its feeding time and that woke me up.  She look at me and make a sound before she latches on. Looking back on all those restless night during her 1st month old and also the beginning of my […]

Nutrition during postnatal period is important to avoid a hungry baby crying at mommy

During postnatal period, food intake by a nursing mother fulfills her own nutritional needs and also to enable her to produce milk. The quantity of milk depends much on the nutrient in her mother’s diet especially its protein content, its water-soluble vitamin content and fatty acid composition. A mother who does not feed herself properly […]

Physical care after a cesarean during hospital stay

The scary feeling while laying on the cold operating table after the epidural that were administered by the anesthesia team is a lifetime experience for a pregnant mother who deliver their baby through caesarean. The doctors and nurses moving about getting the stuff ready for the delivery. The only moment she be waiting for is […]

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