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Nov  07

Why its vital for children to have sufficient level of DHA for brain development

Brain development in children starts since they are in their mother’s womb and it continues after the child is born.   Brain can be divided into 4 lobes with each controlling specific function. Each part of the brain develop at different rates and reaches maturity at different age. The brain mainly consist of fat with the frontal lobe consists of 40% of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)...

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Sep  07

Essential nutrient for lactating mothers to meet baby’s demand

There are tips mentioned that eating peanut could help to increase breast milk because it is high in protein, contain iron, Vitamin E, Calcium, B complex and phosphorus. Shaklee breastfeeding set also contains all there nutrition to aid in boosting up breast milk production. Its easier to consume and easy to gain. Nutrient in peanut are also available in Shaklee Vitalea. Its a multivitamin that...

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Aug  29

Breastfeeding friendly immune booster supplement

Did you know that there are restriction on medication that you can take while breastfeeding? Simply because what you eat can pass on to your baby during breastfeeding. But what if during breastfeeding you fall sick, regular cough and cold? Newly mother are prone to fall sick due to factors such as: Sleepless night caring for the newborn Fatigue Postpartrum depression Increase in stress...

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Jul  21

Position for making breastfeeding work for mom and baby

There are many breastfeeding position you could try to find those that suits and works for you and your baby. If you ever have problem with one position, don’t give up, simply experiment another method to find the most comfortable. There is no right or wrong position, the right ones is that one that works. Don’t wait until for baby to cry as that makes breastfeeding...

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Dec  31

Essential nutrients for breastfeeding with 3M set

A breastfeeding mother produces 23 to 27 ounces of milk per day, containing 330 milligrams of calcium per quart. This requires an extra energy expenditure of at least 500 calories per day. Good nutrition is therefore just as important for a mother as it is for her baby. The quality of breast milk is only affected in extreme cases of deprivation, or by excessive intake of a particular food. But...

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Nov  28

Vital nutritional contributor to children

I believe you have ever heard the benefit of Omega 3 for our health. But do you know if you are getting enough omega 3 from your daily diet? Omega 3 has been a most important ingredients in medical field. Its capability for the benefit of all stages from babies in the womb to golden ages stages. Basically Omega 3 helps build strong, able to reduce risk of heart attack and capable to reduce...

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Nov  11

When a Nursing Mother Gets Sick

Even before a breastfeeding mom notice symptoms of being attacked by contagious illness such as cold, flu or fever, baby was already exposed to the illness. But its proven save to continue breastfeeding, the milk will not transmit the illness to the baby as it does have antibodies that act as the best protection against sickness that are specific to mom’s illness. Even if the baby got sick, it...

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Nov  03

ESP – Soy Protein Isolate Powder

  Wonders in ESP         A good source or soy protein which provides 14g of high quality non-GMO soy protein         Sustains energy and helps ward off hunger.         Naturally low in fat and free of cholesterol unlike protein from meat, eggs and dairy.         Contains 5 essential B vitamins, calcium and soy isoflavones         Contains full complement...

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