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Aug  10

Natural Alternative To Ease Joint Pain

Joint pain can be discomfort, pain or inflammation arising from any part of a joint that can limits, even control the quality of your life. Self-care at home would be a rest to minimize movement, cold application, and medication to control pain and inflammation.  But are you dissatisfied with he effectiveness of your current treatment? Shaklee has created natural products that effectively...

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May  25

6 Ways To Keep Collagen in Your Skin

  Collagen is a protein found in the skin that gives the skin the appearance of fullness and smoothness. In addition, it sustains internal organs, muscles, tendons, cartilage, and is present in teeth. Collagen makes up 25% of the whole amount of proteins in the body. As you age, collagen production decreases, causing the appearance of wrinkles, scarring and sagging skin. Discover...

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Jul  09

The hidden secret to skincare lies in the dermis

In skin care, it all starts with Collagen. Collagen is the major protein in the body’s organ and tissues and it sustains the body’s structures. What role does collagen play? #  New cell growth happen when collagen aids in forming a fibrous network at the dermis – the middle layer of the skin. #  Replacement and restoration of dead skin cells are with the aids of...

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Jul  07

8 ways collagen boost your health

What are Collagen made of? Collagen is protein in our bodies that act as a glue that help hold body together as well as giving skin strength and elasticity while helping in replacing dead skin cells.  Collagen is major component forming of the body’s muscles, bones, skin, ligaments, cartilage and tendon. But as we age, Collagen production in the body tend to deplete resulting to...

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Jul  07

Key for healthier and youthful looking skin

Collagen is a protein which contributes approximately 75% the weight of our skin. It plays an important roles that gives the skin strength, makes skin firm and flexible resulting to a healthy looking and youthful appearing body. What are the benefit of Collagen ? # Revitalized and healthy skin Collagen is protein in the dermis that gives structures to the skin and provide foundation for the...

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Jan  09

Speak love to husband

If some one ask you, ‘What makes your husband feel loved?’.  Are you able to answer that? Hundreds of wives was interviewed by the author of ‘When a Woman Inspires Her Husband’, she found most wives focused on their husband’s aren’t doing to meet their expectations compare to what they can do to make him feel loved. I was like them too and its true that when...

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Nov  12

A more beautiful you today then you were at your 20

Oxidation is what ages you.  Its a side effect of your cells at work and worsen with our hectic lifestyle, poor sleeping patterns, stress, pollution and sun damage bring an outcome of wrinkles.  To see this aging oxidation works, cut a piece of fruit and watch it turns brown and wrinkled.  That is oxidation and antioxidant can help slow this process. Oxidation makes us looks older than our...

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