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May  03

The best cleanser for your skin type

I remember well, during school time, i don’t wear any sun block or face cream during sports activities and those long stretch sports training hours under the hot sun. Yet i don’t have any pigmentation or sun burn problem. But as time passes, skin loses tone and radiance, brown spots appear, hyper pigmentation occurs and fine lines and wrinkle begin to develop. Why? Because of factors...

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May  02

Why more people prefer Shaklee Nutriwhite cleanser

Other than producing supplement, home care product, Shaklee do have clean, natural and gentle ingredients to pamper your skin. Among the hot-selling skin care product is the cleanser foam from the NutriWhite skin care range. I have brand-hopping all the while looking for a kind that suit my skin type.  Mostly decision made are ads on the tv and magazine.  I don’t really care about the...

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Jan  17

Making the right choice for your skin care

People used to say, your skin care now might not be applicable in few years time with a reason that the skin got used to the product and immune so no more improvement on your skin. Another reason why we could not stick to a brand. They say the more expensive it is, the more powerful effect it can do for your skin because of the powerful ingredient in it. What do you think? After using this, i...

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